Toray Membranes for Dairy, Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Application

Toray manufactures membrane elements for specialty applications at their USA facility Toray Membrane U.S.A (TMUS). We offer Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, and Microfiltration membrane elements manufactured in sanitary design for applications in Food, Dairy, Beverages, Pharmaceutical and Heat Sanitizable applications. These products are provided using a wide range of materials and feed spacer sizes to best suit your specialty applications. We offer customized molecular weight cut offs for UF and MF. Marketing and sales of these products are through Toray Membrane USA (TMUS) and through Toray Membranes Europe (TMEu), who manages a warehousing facility to enable supply of products from local (European) stock. If you do not see a product below that fits your application please contact Toray and a membrane product specialist will assist you.

Beverage / Pharmaceuticals

Toray’s UF, RO and Heat Sanitizable RO series for beverage and pharmaceutical applications are made with FDA compliant materials and conform to FDA regulation CFR Title 21.

Toray's membrane elements provide superior permeate quality for sustainable hygienic purified water applications.

Heat Sanitizable HS Spec Sheet

Toray Net-Wrapped RO Elements Spec Sheet

Toray Net-Wrapped UF Elements Spec Sheet

Dairy Reverse Osmosis

Toray's sanitary TRO and TMRO polisher products are our high rejection fully cross-linked aromatic polyamide composite membrane in a sanitary net wrap design. This membrane is selected for this application specifically for maximum retention of valuable milk solids and COD/BOD contributing compounds. Toray's sanitary TRO and TMRO products are USDA accepted and 3A / FDA compliant.

Sanitary TRO & TMRO Spec Sheet

High Rejection Net Wrapped TRO & TMRO Spec Sheet

Dairy Nanofiltration

Toray's sanitary TNF & TMNF membrane elements are designed for the desalting of milk and whey products (removal of monovalent ions) and to maximize the retention of lactose and larger organic molecules. Toray's sanitary TNF & TMNF products are USDA accepted and 3A/FDA Compliant.

Sanitary NF Elements Spec Sheet

Dairy Ultrafiltration

Toray offers both 5000 and 10,000 molecular weight options in order to best meet the needs of your proprietary process for dairy applications or other beverage or RO pretreatment needs. Within each molecular weight model there are multiple choices of performance depending on the application and operating conditions.

Toray UF Membrane Type and Dairy Application

Membrane Character Application
TUF 10K Our standard UF that outperforms industry benchmarks on both flux and protein retention Whey processing at all concentrations, MPC
TUF 10K HR A very high protein retention membrane but with good flux High concentration end of whey plants and WPI plants
TUF 5K A very high retention membrane A direct replacement for competitor 5K membranes
TUF 5K HR A low flux membrane with maximum retention Special applications in dairy, gelatine, sugar etc.

Each UF membrane option is provided in a net wrapped, sanitary design spiral element. The UF membrane is a hydrophilic polyethersulfone asymmetric membrane, developed specifically for maximum retention of milk and whey proteins and maximum productivity. Toray's TUF ultrafiltration membrane products are USDA accepted and 3A / FDA compliant.

TUF Sanitary 10K Spec Sheet

TUF Sanitary 5K Spec Sheet

Dairy Microfiltration

Toray' sanitary TMF microfiltration membrane elements have been developed for use in whey or WPC defatting and has high whey protein transmission rates. This membrane is based upon PVDF chemistry and has a molecular weight cut off (MWCO) of between 500,000 – 1,000,000.

TMF Microfiltration Spec Sheet

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