MEMBRAY® Toray MBR Membrane

Toray's Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process is a combination of biological wastewater treatment and membrane filtration.

Biodegradable pollution is reduced using bacteria and microorganisms. Following biological treatment, the activated-sludge is separated from the treated water by a microfiltration membrane.

MBR Technology explained

Toray's MEMBRAY® MBR Membranes are PVDF flat sheet membranes with a PET non-woven support layer. The nominal pore size is 0.08 microns with a narrow pore size distribution. Toray membrane elements with a 1.4 m2 , a 0.9m2 or 0.7m2 membrane area are joined to our membrane module. These modules are composed of 50 to 600 membrane elements.

MBR Modules

MEMBRAY® modules consist of a membrane element, a stainless steel element frame and an aeration block.

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